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At the Rusper Sussex Car Boot sale we take everyones safety and enjoyment very seriously. Our event is relaxed and friendly and the feedback that we get is that in general peoples attitude and behaviour at our event is exceptionally good.

Like all boot sale events we do get people come along who are not as thoughtful or decent as the majority of our visitors.

We do not expect our buyers to rummage through sellers cars whilst they are still unloading. Where and when we see this happening we will intervene. Any persistent offenders will be barred from all our future events.

We are hoping that the introduction of our new 'Early parking location' combined with our new 'No sale or exchange of goods before 11.30am' policy thwarts the attempts of over eager dealers accessing the stall holders area before the general public.

Anybody who we can prove has been stealing at our car boot sale will be reported to the police. If we suspect someone of stealing they may be banned from all future events.

For reasons of health and safety, anybody who ignores the instructions of our site marshals will be barred from our events.

For our full set of rules please click here RULES