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 Frequently Asked Questions    

Please remember all car boot sales differ, the faq's listed below relate just to the Rusper Sussex Surrey Border Car Boot Sale. If you'd like to find out answers to more generalised questions about car boot sales then please do check our car boot sales tips and advice page. We are also on Facebook.

Rusper Car Boot Sale - FAQ - Is there disabled parking?

Do you have disabled parking at the Car boot sale?

Yes. The Rusper Car Boot Sale provides a large area for disabled parking.

We appreciate that there are non-badge holders that have mobility issues but we will always give priority to those that have been certified by doctors and are authorised to hold an official blue badge.

If you are not a badge holder but have mobility issues or concerns then our parking marshals will try to assist you as best they can. BUT please be aware they can not 'magic up' spaces however much you insist! Please follow their instructions as they are best placed to advise you on the most suitable location for you to park.

The disabled area is located very close to the boot sale stall holder's areas. The disabled parking bays at our boot sale are strictly for disabled badge holders only! You must show the traffic marshals your official blue badge in order to use the designated parking bay.
The marshal will check that the person registered as the holder is in the vehicle!
At busy times the disabled area may be full. Marshals will try their best to provide the most suitable parking space available.


Rusper Car Boot Sale - FAQ - Can I arrive early?

Can I arrive early?

 Stall Holders are asked to arrive from 10am onwards 

General Buyers are permitted entry at 11.30am 

We prefer everyone to arrive at the car boot sale at the correct times.
  If you do arrive early then please
be prepared to wait.

Rusper Car Boot SAle - FAQ - Do you cahrge more for people carriers?

Do you charge more for large cars?

No. All cars, 4x4's and people carriers are charged one single price. Vans and commercial sized vehicles are charged at a different tarrif. Stall holders who require additional space on top of the standard pitch sizes offered will be charged an additional fee at our car boot sale. 



Boot Sale Stall Space?

Unless otherwise requested all stalls are set up along the side of the stall holders vehicle. This means most car boot stall holders will have no problem putting out two full length standard tables.

Stall holders who require additional space on top of the generous pitch sizes offered will be charged an additional fee at our car boot sale. 




Car Boot Sale Catering

Can I get food and drink?

Yes. There are catering units at our car boot sale both providing hot and cold refreshments. 

We also have a regular local ice cream van during the warmer weeks.

Our car boot sale also provides a shaded picnic area with tables and chairs for your comfort with a light refreshment kiosk.

The Rusper car boot sale does not allow the sale of  any foods or beverages without prior agreement.



Rusper Car Boot Sale - FAQ - Can I park with a friend?

Can I park with a friend?

Yes. It's a great way of doing a car boot sale and is usually not a problem at our event.  We simply ask that associated vehicles arrive at a similar time and that you inform the marshal (upon arrival) that they are to be parked together.


Car Boot Sale - FAQ - Reserve a Pitch

Can I reserve a pitch at the boot sale?

It's not necessary to book unless you have specific need. If you do have specific requirements please email us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Rusper Car Boot Sale - Can I leave my junk?

Can I leave my junk behind?

We have No facilities for disposing of unwanted car boot items and therefore ask that all items are taken off site with you at the end of the sale.

There is a household reycling facility on the A24, just on the edge of Horsham, at the Hop Oast round about - just a few miles from the car boot sale. It is open until 7pm on Sundays through the spring and summer.

Rusper Car Boot Sale - FAQ - Can I get away early? 

Can I get away earlier?

Yes. This is usually not a problem. The lanes set out at the car boot sale are wide enough for emergency vehicle access and therefore wide enough for early departing stall holders. If you require assistance please get the attention of a car boot marshal who will be only too pleased to assist you. 

Rusper Car Boot Sale - FAQ - Do you supply tables?

Do you supply tables?

No. We are no further able to offer this service.

Rusper Car Boot Sale - FAQ - What do I do with my raffle ticket?

What do I do with my raffle ticket?

Keep hold of it! Your raffle tickets is a receipt for your pitch and also gives you free entry into our stall holders free Sunday draw aswell as our unique car boot sale website mystery raffle!

Rusper Car Boot Sale - FAQ - Charity Stalls

Do you allow Charity Stalls?

Yes. The Rusper Car Boot Sale is always keen to support registered charities and local fund raisers. We offer a 50% pitch discount for charities when you book in advance. Our car boot sale has supported a myriad of good causes and in many cases provided free pitches for entire seasons.

Car Boot Sale - Port-a-loos

Do you provide toilets?

Yes. The Rusper Car Boot Sale provides modern port-a-loos.

Selling home produce such as cakes and vegetables at the car boot sale.

Can I sell home produce at the Car Boot Sale?

Yes. We like to see home produce stalls. Our car boot sale supports genuine home produce such as fruit, vegetables, plants and even a small amount of home baked cakes.

In the past some stall holders have pushed the limits of what is 'home-produce' and therfore anyone wishing to sell food or beverage items must notify us with a request in advance.

It is vital for all sellers of consumable foods to check that they are acting within the parameters of the law, Environment agency and trading standards.




We do not allow the sale of any food stuffs or any beverages without prior arrangement. We do welcome small scale home made produce if notified in advance.  Anyone attempting to sell food or beverage without prior permission will be removed.

There are no catering vacancies at present.


If you have any additional questions about the Rusper Sussex Car Boot Sale please email us at ruspercarbootsale@hotmail.co.uk or check out our Car Boot Sale Guides