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Car Boot Sale Advice and Tips


Buying and selling at car boot sales can be great fun and an excellent way to turn unwanted items into cash and also a great source of genuine bargains.

Our Car Boot Sale SELLERS Tips and Advice is packed full of tips to help you 'from the moment you first think about doing a car boot sale, and they'll take you right through to the moment you shut your boot lid down at the end of the car boot sale.' It covers everything from where to sell, what to sell, how to sell successfully, safety, the scams to avoid and just about everything you'll need to know to have a great car boot sale experience.

Our Car Boot Sale BUYERS Guide is packed full of interesting advice and tips on making sure that you come away with the items you want at the price's you want to pay. This guide also explains the legal definition of 'Sold as Seen' and how to avoid buying dodgy, faulty or dangerous goods at Car Boot sales.
Plus a new bonus guide on how to compete with the dealers for those BIG car boot sale treasure finds!

Rusper Car Boot Sale guide to boot Sales



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