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fast answers

Our large team of marshals are onsite to provide help and assistance during your visit. They are trained to deal with all situations and the whole team is in constant radio contact to ensure quick, responsive action.


The bouncy Castle is the designated point for lost children that our staff have found.

As soon as you notice your child is missing you should speak to any one of the car boot sale marshals, identifible by their high visibility yellow vests.

All marshals have immediate radio contact with the other marshals located across the whole event. This radio contact allows us to act extremely quickly.

We ready to tell the marshal
Your relationship with the Child
What the Child is wearing
The Childs Name
Where they were last seen
When they were last seen

When a child be found then a marshal will remain with them at the bouncy castle area until a parent/ guardian is reunited.

Emergency Services
The boot sale address is:
Cophatch Farm, Newdigate Road, Rusper, RH124RR

Please notify any one of our large team of marshals (identifiable by their Yellow high vis vests) if you have or need to to contact the emergency services. We have 1st aiders on site to deal with any initial medical problems and our staff are trained to provide information and assitance in all emergency situations.



If you find anything onsite please hand it to a marshal straight-away. This will help us reunite the item with it's owner as quickly as possible.
If you discover you have lost an item whilst at our sale please speak to a marshal straight-away, there is a good chance it may have been handed in and we can get it straight back to you.

If you realise, after leaving the sale, that you have lost an item then please call us on
07938 237775 or email us at ruspercarbootsale@hotmail.co.uk or message us if you are on our facebook page (7,500+ members).
Items are often handed in, found during our site clean up or are reported to us after the sale. We will always try our best to reunite items with their owners as soon as possible.