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Car Boot Sales Buyers FAQ's
Car Boot Sales Buyers FAQ's

What are the ground conditions like for walking and driving?

The car boot sale event is held on fields. Partial parts of the road ways are on hardstanding and tracks but all parking and pedestrian routes are on the grass.
Pedestrians are advised to wear footwear suitable for walking in the countryside and to be aware that there are natrual dips, rises and potential trip hazards throughout the entire area due to the nature of the venue. It is possible to use mobiity scooters throughout the area but again, be aware that this is a natrual landscape and care should be exercised at all times.

All vehicular movement is limited to 5mph on site. Although our Tracks and roadways are suitable for most vehicles operating within the site speed limit we ask that you excercise caution as you will be travelling on uneven surfaces throughout the site. The management does not accept responibility any damage or loss to vehicles using our venue.

Parking marshals will direct you during busy periods to appropriate parking spots. Please ensure you follow their directions.

Generally the boot sale will not go ahead if the ground conditions are too soft for vehicular traffic. In some cases softer areas will be roped off to avoid the possibility of vehicles getting stuck. Please, under no circumstances, remove or move any ropes or pins.